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Hello From the Caribbean and Goodbye to Lily the Westie

Right now I’m on Grand Cayman Island for WORK. Crazy, huh? But sooooo fantastic! If you ever get the opportunity to come to the Caribbean, do it! The water is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, clear, aqua, warm, and just as fabulous and filled with fish as every movie you’ve ever seen makes it seem. The first night we got in, Darren (my boyfriend) and I b-lined it for the beach and skinny dipped in the water under the full moon on a surprisingly deserted beach. Magnificent!

What strikes me about this moment is that it’s an opportunity that wasn’t available to me a year ago. A year ago I didn’t know all that I now know about photography – and not just how to use a camera, but all the behind-the-scenes processes that go into organizing, culling, color balancing, and editing images. The amount of work that goes into creating a finished image is much more than you’d think but because I spent much of this past year learning all that does goes into it, I was to able to be given this opportunity. I had made myself ready.

So this week I am wearing a new hat. I am part of a photography team who needs a media manager for a several-day photo project. Hey, did you say you’d pay me to come to the Caribbean, stay at a condo literally 100 steps from beautiful white sand beaches with amazing aqua water and help out doing something I now know how to do that would be really useful and helpful to you? Fantastic!

This makes me think of all the opportunities that are out there waiting for us when we’ve done the work to make ourselves ready to meet them. Maybe they’re our dream opportunities or maybe they’re just sweet opportunities that will add some joy or spice to our lives, but they’re desirable opportunities none the less.

But what if we don’t do the work? What if we stay doing what’s familiar or have a lazy approach to life? I’ve had time periods in my life when I’ve been less gung-ho and more “whatever” about things. You probably have too. I went through the motions, maybe even gave an acknowledging nod to incoming inspiration but I didn’t really do the work to move things forward. Perhaps I was scared or maybe I was just being lazy but either way, my lack of engagement with the flow of life made me feel flat and bored. I had no hunger, no spark. It’s ironic how working hard, learning, and growing makes us zesty – but it does. And then the opportunities come and day to day living suddenly feels very magical, moving, and alive.

On another note, the first day I was here I got a note from my parents that their dog Lily, who was my dog the first few years she was a pup as I lived with my parents back then, died suddenly. I was in shock at first. Sat there stunned, staring at my computer saying the words but not taking them in. Then the reality hit and I went in my room and cried. I opened my computer and looked at all my pictures of her and thought of all the many sweet moments we’ve had in the past 13 years and of how grateful I am to have had such a lovely animal friend.

Alexia -

Ohhhh Robin! Another beautiful letter to the ones that love you. I am SO SORRY to hear about Lily, I know that all to well. We both know shes still with you but regardless its a shock and doesn’t change how we feel. I love you. Keep swimming and wearing Gucci! That makes anyone feel better.


Lynn -

Robin, I am so sorry about Lilly. I have loved a dog too, whom I hope is still alive, but I know
how much a dog can mean to you.

I am delighted to hear your adventure and work this week are going so well. You deserve it..

Love, Lynn