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Your Life Can Change in Unexpectedly Fantastic Ways in the Blink of an Eye

Work environments from my LA portrait shoot trip including… My awesome friend Robin who assisted several of my shoots, my friend Erin who had the doors blown off her reality when the MAC guy put red lipstick on her, a woman’s awesome lion cut cat, views from the Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park, and a garden make up spread

I just got back from a 2-week trip to Los Angeles where I did a bunch of portrait shoots. 11 photo shoots in 9 days, to be precise. Crazy, I know – but it was fabulous. I learned so much, grew as a photographer and space holder, was shown how to take what I do to the next level, had many deep, insightful conversations with women, and truly enjoyed the sunny days, fabulous sunsets, and warm ocean water.

In the days to come I’ll have LOTS of new portraits and further insights to share with you but for now I want to say this:

The above collage is a sample of some of my work environments while in LA. A year ago photography was only an idea in my mind. And it was an idea that was whispering to me, not one that I was particularly seeking out. At that point, my only experience with professional photography was the 5 years I worked as a model from ages 15-20. Beyond that, I had no personal experience with it and had never used a “real” camera. But the whispering of photography was persistent and got louder and more frequent. Synchroncities flowed into my life one after another and by Spring of this year, my fire for women’s beauty portraiture had been lit. A few months later, I was lent a DSLR and got my first lesson on how to use the manual settings. I asked a few friends if I could take their picture. I made a Facebook album called I See Your Beauty which spoke to what I felt about taking women’s portraits. Since then my phone has virtually not stopped ringing with people contacting me to do portrait shoots.

I believe this whole wave of creation, that I truly could not have foreseen even a year ago, stemmed from my request of life to change my life. I more or less said:

I love everything I’m doing and want to keep doing it (being a coach and painter) but I want to take it to the next level, to be out in the world more, to do work that touches people deeply and is fun and creative. 

I kept saying this. I kept feeling it. I kept open to possibilities. And I didn’t recognize that life almost immediately answered me with bringing the idea of photography to me. It took me almost a year of whisperings to get the hint and begin learning what sorts of work photographers do and to discover what appealed to me.

But every step of this evolution I was carried forward with inspiration, opportunity, and encouragement. And now I find that my daily life is saturated with all aspects of photography like learning how to work with women in this way, how to use my camera more skillfully, and how to post-process images. My life is a different life than it was a year ago, and yet it includes everything that I’ve been doing and building all these years in a completely graceful way.

In our culture we’re taught to “make” things happen. To direct or “cause” our paths in the directions we want, or that we think that we want. Just do it, right?

This abundantly flowing and amazing experience I’m having with graceful evolution is showing me that life knows me and you and all of us better than we know ourselves. We can plant seeds through acknowledging our desires – but life is going to deliver the form. It knows how to take what we’ve been working on all these years and bring it to the next level in ways that will fulfill us beyond what we could possibly have come up with ourselves.

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Joy Hemp -

I love how you stay open to possibilities.

Robin Clark -

Thanks Joy, me too! 🙂