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Nothing Feels Better Than Being In the Flow

There is a golden thread, a golden river, carrying you forward. You could think of it like a golden ticket but it’s not something you have to struggle to win – you’ve already won it.

Sometimes this current feels close and we’re filled with inspiration, synchronicity, and a sense of purpose. Action feels easy, challenges roll off our backs, our energy feels elevated. Other times we lose the thread and can’t seem to find our way back. We grasp for things to do hoping to find the solution to getting back in the flow only to have our efforts feel empty and fall short of the zing we seek.

If you’re reading this and you find yourself in either of these scenarios, let me be life’s messenger today and impart a message to you to help you stay or get back into the flow:

If you’re in the flow… don’t take it granted. You’re there because there are certain ways you’ve been engaging in your life that have created the result of you being in the flow. So notice what you did and are doing to be in it. Make a list. Put it someplace you’ll remember because there’s going to be a time in the not too distant future where you’ll get lazy and stop doing these things, or get distracted and forget, or life will throw you a curve ball and you’ll be happy to remember what to do that helps you raise yourself up.

If you’re not in the flow… getting back isn’t as hard as it can seem. I will virtually guarantee that the steps to getting your energy moving and elevated are already in your lap. The first step is probably some combination of getting your body moving, getting outside more, simplifying what you’re paying attention to, decreasing any drama, quieting your mind, and connecting to whatever form of inspiration or guidance you tune into that makes your feel supported. From there, I’ll bet there’s a desire that’s been whispering to you to act on that you’ve been ignoring. In the past month I’ve seen this to be the case with about a dozen people. They feel stuck, then they admit they’ve been having an inkling to do X. Once they get over whatever resistance or fear’s been in the way of doing X and start taking action, they very quickly start feeing filled up with energy and momentum and off they go, back into the graces of the golden river, flowing forward.

There is a limitless abundance of life force and creativity available to all of us. When we go with the flow of our inspiration, we expand our ability to receive and channel this energy… and as we do, we feel more and more AMAZING.

So whatever’s happening in your life, get out of the way with your stories and stagnation-creating habits and let your energy flow. If you need to put things in order to have that happen, do it. If you have a belief that life is for leisure but you’re not feeling raised up, let your leisure story go. Instead try on the perspective that one of the things we each do that makes us feel confident and fantastic is showing up for our lives, doing work and doing it well.