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Harnessing the Power a Year Has in Your Life

Our lives are wildly dynamic and ever growing like Passion Vines planted with deep cosmic fertilizer. So much happens in the course of ONE DAY, let alone a year, that sometimes it seems like it all blurs together and “everything is more or less the same”. This habit we can get into of underestimating the changes, blessings, developments, achievements, creations, breakthroughs, etc. happens for several reasons — one of which is that we don’t often take the time (daily, monthly, bi-yearly, annually) to reflect on all that has happened. To see it, name it, express gratitude for it and OWN it. To recognize that our lives have changed, and so have we.

I got to thinking of about the power a year has in our lives this past weekend while at the Lightning in a Bottle festival in Orange County as I was there with my boyfriend who I met there last year on wonderful late night dance floor listening to lulacruza. Because it was a year anniversary it got me thinking about ALL that has happened in this past year which on a day-to-day basis seems normal enough, but really – so much has changed, so many blessings bestowed, so many creations initiated, so many breakthroughs lived.

I also noticed the power a year has during conversations with friends who I hadn’t seen in awhile yet I sensed the shift of their presence right away. Growth is a palpable energy ESPECIALLY when you don’t see someone often but I think the trick to appreciating the power of change in our own lives is to develop a more attentive approach to recognizing the shifts and developments that happen on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. To stop and write them down, hold them to our hearts and say “thank you” or “job well done”, and appreciate the ways we’re each evolving and growing in our personal empowerment and relationship with life.

You may or may not have a sense of where you’d like to be 10 years from now, but I bet you could easily say what you’d like the quality of your inner and external worlds to be like in 1 year. Yes? With the power of your intention, focus of your attention, and willingness and determination to show up for what you say you want, you can BE where you want to be a year from now. You can. I have seen it in my own life and the lives of those around me again and again. If you vision it, FEEL it, own it, decide it, and point your focus towards it, you will be guided on how to get there – even if from where you currently are you can only see the first few steps.

Eclipse power

I think there’s something special about the time between eclipses – which we’re in now. It’s full of a re-evaluation energy that can illuminate a new path. A truer path. One that we’d actually really like to wake up to a year from now. One that’s freed up from the shackles, distractions, and false beliefs of the past. One that’s lighter, brighter, and radiates more of our own unique wisdom and magic.

People use birthdays and New Years Eve to mark chapter beginnings. I use these moments as well but I’ve also strongly felt that THIS MOMENT, between eclipses, is also a course correction “beginning” moment. A time of transition. A reflective pause. An opportunity to let go of habitual approaches, old dreams, and heavy stories and re-evaluate who we’re choosing to be and where we’re going based on what’s real in our hearts, awareness, wisdom, and passion NOW.

Perhaps you’ve noticed recent shifts and stirrings in you as of late? How things you once found fun now seem like distractions to what you really want to be doing. How old coping mechanisms you’ve gotten used to truly don’t work anymore and you’re being inspired to develop a more loving and mature approach. How things you had convinced yourself to be true you’re finding out are actually stories you not only can, but NEED, to re-create. How activities you kept at arms length are actually the very thing you want to make top priorities in your life.

Whatever has been showing up for you, however you’re being inspired to grow, in all the ways you feel called to re-evaluate and weave a new path for yourself – do it. Your life is a fertile garden that will bloom into your magnificent creation with your focused attention and gratitude. Just imagine all that can be a year from now if you were to consciously harness its power now!