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Fab Find Friday – 5.4.12: Tips to Rock Your Small Business Mojo

This week is for those of you who do run or want to run a small business. Perhaps you consider yourself an entrepreneur, solo-preneur, healer, visionary, or artist? I’m sure you want to feel awesome at it (and hopefully you do!!), but perhaps you sometimes feel like you’re winging it, flying by the seat of your pants, wishing you had a bit more focus and know-how? Join the club! I think everyone who runs their own business feels like that from time to time. Hopefully some of the below will give you a know-how boost!

1. Blog: Slow Marketing. I LOVE Tad Hargrave (aka. Marketing for Hippies)’s approach to marketing and this may be one of the best articles on marketing I’ve read. Rang SO true!

2. Blog: You Have to Fight to Be a Success. What she means here is that you have to fight your distracting monkey-mind habits and choose to apply yourself in a way that brings about the success you seek! The woman who wrote this fabulous post is a photographer. But substitute any other activity you do and ask yourself: Does this sound like me? If so, read this post – it’s quite inspiring!

“Should I start a new photography business? What would I enjoy doing the most? I have to clean the house. I can’t afford a studio. I could create a boudoir portfolio! I could shoot my neighbor! I need to look into trains to Vancouver. I don’t know any make-up artists. What about starting a website? Blogging every day is hard. I could blog twice a week? I have to calibrate my monitor. I wonder what the temperature in Aruba is right now? I need to buy more blueberries. Who just texted me? I’m going to the store.”

3. Video: Do you run a business with a partner… or want to? Jasmine Star is a blogger + wedding photographer who runs her business with her partner, JD. In this video she shares a few points of how they do this harmoniously that can be extrapolated to a variety of businesses. Brace yourself if you’re feeling mellow, she’s a super energized fire sign but 7 years ago she had never used a digital camera and now she’s one of the top wedding photographers in the country, so she’s clearly learned a thing or two about how to run a business.

4. Blog: 5 Small Business Mistakes to Avoid from Lori McNee’s Fine Art Tips. And, of course, this gives you 5 Things to keep in mind and DO. Lori’s site and her regular posts on Twitter and Facebook are filled with lots of info for artists, as well as  small business entrepreneurs, re: branding, social media, marketing, and helpful business practices.

5. Does you business include writing a blog? If so, here are TWO great resources for you specifically on structuring your blog. The first is My Blog. Etiquette. Growth and a Whole Year for you by Sue Bryce where she talks about the simple formula she used in her writing that, I’m sure along with a lot of other marketing – but still, took her site visits from 4,938/mo. to 77,565/mo. in one year. The second resource is Darren Rowse’s site ProBlogger. It is, as far as I’ve found, THE resource just about every blogger uses to become a more skillful blogger. Tons of information on just about every facet of blogging, web design, social media, etc. and very easy to read.

I hope at least one of these links gave you some inspiration and insight to approach what you’re doing with greater skill! If you still have questions or feel a bit alone/challenged/unclear with putting changes into place, drop me a line as a big part of what I do is Business Coaching for small business entrepreneurs and artists (as well as Holistic Life Coaching). And, I’m doing a Special through 5/16 so now’s a great time to drop me a line! I even do a free 15 minute phone consultation so we can make sure what you’re seeking and what I have to offer is a match. You can read more about this fab Spring Special here and contact me here.

Happy Friday! May you feel Awesome about yourself and your business!!

Tad -

you are so kind. thank you so much.

Robin Clark -

You are so welcome! I’m happy to share what you do – your perspective and info is really valuable!