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Fab Find Friday – 5.18.12: Illumination + Art

Paige Bradley – Expansion


Pragmatic as I can sometimes be, I like to live in a world of magic and wonder. I crave deep mystery and moments when the veil becomes thin. The let’s-move-things-forward part of me wants to think I can direct the world around me, but my spirit NEEDS to experience the awe-inducing beauty and togetherness of life and images, sounds, and words that EXPAND my perception to touch something my fingers can’t quite find. This week I came across a variety of art that tickled this part of me. Enjoy!

1. Blog + Pictures: Riveting Story Behind that Striking Sculpture. Paige’s Bradley’s sculpture (above) comes out of a really interesting story. Read on to find out and see more beautiful images of her piece.

2. Blog + Pictures: Illuminating the Cracks Beneath the Earth. Post that’s mostly pictures of artist and photographer Lee Eunyeol’s series called Starry Night. Beautiful, magical.

3. Comic Blog: Why Nikola Tesla Was the Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived. Tesla was a genius extraordinaire and much of what he created led to the illuminated world we live in now. This comic blog is a bit of history lesson, but if you’re curious about the amazingness that was Tesla and how you may have been led to think Edison, not Tesla, created electricity, you will enjoy reading this.

Here are a few more illuminated images. Notice the feelings and sense of wonder that come alive in you when you look at them…

Lantern festival in Chiang Mei, Thailand

Sun kissed wedding party


Palpable light emanating from this beautiful Mosque in Iran.

Pleiades Deep Field

May this weekend’s solar eclipse fill you with illuminated wonder, expanded perspective, and de-LIGHT!