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Experience is the Best Teacher

We all spend A LOT of time in our heads trying to figure things out when so much of the direction and answer is being given to us by life.

And you don’t need to be exceptionally evolved or in a deep meditative state to see how life is attempting to guide you. Just take a look around at your life right here and now and ask yourself: What is life attempting to show and teach me?

For instance…

Are you having a hard time making a decision with too many voices in your head besides your own because you don’t give yourself time to reflect and listen? Are you being driven by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) instead of what would make you feel truly nourished? Do you fear that what you want won’t happen because you’re being impatient instead of going with the flow of life? I could go on but you see the point:

There isn’t something else any of us are supposed to be doing besides engaging in the here and now with as much presence and deliberate participation as possible. But to do this, we need to make a switch to get OUT of our heads and the endless trap of trying to figure it out, and see everyday as a sacred messenger, gift, teacher, lesson we can learn from and practice applying to our life right now.

Think about what you’ve learned so far today. It wasn’t just a bunch of situations you got through that led you to getting online. It was a series of experiences all speaking to you, guiding you, inviting you, and giving you opportunities to express your awareness and learn …and then… you got online and found your way to this post. Don’t you think that’s more than coincidence? Don’t you think that perhaps Life guided you to this particular post at this exact moment because it wants you to hear THIS message right now?

A huge part of great relationships is great communication. And a major factor of this is being a good listener. The kind of listener who’s listening so intently to the other that you can say back to them what they just said to you and they confirm that’s it. We all like it when the people in our lives listen to us this deeply. Yet do we listen this intently to life? Could we actually say back to life right now what it has said to us so far today?

You may have a voice in you that says “I can’t figure that out. Life is big. There are lots of things going on. I can’t track all of it.” True. You can’t track ALL of it. But you can track some of it. And if there are things you miss, you can trust that life will keep giving you those messages until you do recognize them. Or, perhaps your message from life right now is to become more skillful at reading the signs and acknowledging what IS happening – to pick up the phone, so to speak. Or, perhaps you need to look at the stories and beliefs you have going that diminish your sense of empowerment and willingness.

I don’t know what your work is. These are just possibilities that popped to mind. But if you take a moment to evaluate what you’re feeling, what’s happening, and what sort of feedback you’re getting from life right NOW, you WILL know what you’re being guided to see and develop. Sometimes it takes a moment of quiet reflection, some journaling, or a walk around your neighborhood to lighten up your energy and change your perspective, but that’s no different than in a conversation when you have to pause to take in what someone just said to you so you can say it back to them and understand their meaning.

Personally, yesterday I had a lesson about where I fall into a pit with victim, how I feel when I do that, and what results I get. I then saw how to pull myself out of it without abandoning that part of me, listen to what she’s asking for, and bring it to the creator part of me who can address it. Today I’m practicing putting this into place. I’m sure I will have successes and challenges and I can take what I learn from today’s experience into tomorrow.

“Whatever relationships you have attracted in your life at this moment, are precisely the ones you need in your life at this moment. There is a hidden meaning behind all events, and this hidden meaning is serving your own evolution.” 
 -Deepak Chopra (And I would expand this to say everything and every relationship!)

Everyday is the lesson, the teacher, the guide. But we have to stop the habit of unconsciously going through the motions and then believing that we don’t know what’s going on or what to do. These are all default settings that have us believing we’re helpless and separate from life – neither of which are true. These are also the patterns that keep us repeating the past instead of seeing the patterns, learning from them, experimenting with making new choices, getting new results, and moving forward.

What is life saying to you today? Hm…

If you feel brave, post it in the comments. I’ll bet your sharing will inspire others!

Onwards with the adventure!