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If You Want it, You've Got to Earn it (Part 1)

In all cases – it doesn’t just happen. It happens because we ENGAGE in our lives and with life in such a way that it comes about. No magic. No luck. No silver spoons.

Do these things exist? Definitely. But none of that will take you there. Nor will having inherited beauty, intelligence, intuition, or prosperity. Those are all wonderful gifts, but they won’t take you there either. In fact, sometimes having them makes people feel insecure because they fear loosing them or lazy because they make life a little easier and they unknowingly sabotage themselves and are unable to figure out how that happened when they had so much going their way.

So how do you earn it? How do you get there?

With work. Plain and simple. In every case that’s the answer: show up, do the work, and keep showing up.

In our culture, work ethic is less and less appreciated and we are increasingly sold the story that the real goal of life is leisure. But don’t you feel AMAZING when you’re engaged in that time-stops sort of way and you take something all the way to the point of completion? Like, when you come home to a shiny fresh, clean house? Or, when you finish the song/poem/painting/meal and get to enjoy the completed product? I’m all for taking breaks and enjoying leisurely moments, it’s part of how we recharge ourselves, but truly – so much of our deeply fulfilled moments are byproducts of having done. the. work.

This formula holds true whether it’s small everyday tasks or grand visions. For instance…

You want to make a website? Great. Clarify your vision. Learn about your options. Pick an approach. Start. Watch YouTube videos when you get stuck. Bang away at it until it’s done. Voila – you now have a website.

You want to be an artist? Great. Make art. Every day. Do it whether you feel like it or not. You don’t need to be inspired to begin. Just show up. Study art and perhaps take classes. Your expression will evolve.

You want to wake up? Great. Meditate. Develop yourself spiritually, emotionally, psychologically. Get a teacher, a mentor, a guide. Apply everything you learn to your life. Do the work. Keep showing up. You will evolve.

Is it simple? Yes. Is it easy? No… and that’s OK.

It’s OK to do something difficult that requires that you develop your patience and focus beyond what’s familiar or comfortable. It’s OK to be at the edge of your learning curve and keep going. It’s OK to spend your time and energy working, learning, growing, and building things in your life. And the reason it’s OK is that…

Just take a look around at the people in your life, or who you admire from afar, who have the “it” they were seeking. The business or creative expertise, the awareness or quality of presence, the openness of heart. It did not just happen for any of them. They did the work. And they’re probably still doing it every day to continue their growth and evolution. If you’re not sure, research it. Learning people’s stories can be incredibly inspiring. My heroes are mostly artist and spiritual types and every single one of them has been banging away at their particular craft or endeavor for decades, and they never stop, which is part of what’s so amazing to me about them – they keep expanding and evolving, even when they’re already so far developed.

Sometimes it’s a slice of humble pie to look at our lives and assess how genuinely engaged we are. And how much we let slip through the cracks. And how often we make commitments to ourselves or others that we don’t follow through on. And how much we may be secretly waiting for someone or some opportunity to save us. And how being busy does not necessarily equate with being productive.

But we can’t change what we aren’t willing to take responsibility for so it has to start with an honest look. And from there, rolling our sleeves up and taking steps. I did just this when I created and wrote about The Magic Formula + The Show Up For Your Life Experiment. I saw that I was slacking – any lying to myself about it! I saw that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. And I saw I needed to do something to change this pattern.

We’re ALL being guided to take it to the next level in our lives, so if you’ve been waiting for a sign, a green light, an encouraging confirmation – consider this it!

I’m going to continue this thread… stay tuned!

Now’s the time!

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