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Fab Find Friday – 4.6.12: Mexico Photo Journal

I was fortunate this past week to be in Mexico and on my computer less than normal so this week’s installment of Fab Find Friday is a little bit of fab find at the bottom but mostly is a vacation photo journal of beauty and COLOR.

Being in Mexico reminded me of Chor Boogie‘s art mission statement: Color Therapy. Everything was washed in bright colors and I felt something deep in me wake up and come alive in the best sort of way. I hope these pictures have the same effect on you!

Live what you love

Huichol art

Outdoor statue

Yellow, orange, and turquoise house. Every street had some combination of exactly this.

Carved rock with beads and peacock feathers

Perhaps the most fabulous living room ever. One wall is open and looks out on….

…an infinity pool and view of the ocean!

Purple nook

Outside wall of an art gallery

And when I looked in the door, all the interior doors had a red painted arch around them. So simple, so fun!

The brightest pink store

Wings against brushed concrete

Typical Sayulita restaurant scene – tables in the parking spaces!

I want to start making bright, little glittery wall altars like this

For one moment, stand here in silence and look at the sky and contemplate how awesome life is. Yes!


And what does one read while traveling? Books about magic, of course! The Magicians + The Magician King by Lev Grossman

I devoured The Magician King on my trip. I enjoyed it even more than The Magicians, which is not always how it goes with series. It made the 3 1/2 hour plane flights seem more like 45 minutes. If you like books about magic, fantasy, and coming of age hero’s journey, check this series out.

Happy Friday + abundant love, color, vitality, and imagination to you!!

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