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A Different Way of Journaling

Sometimes words don’t tell the whole story and you need a different pathway of expression. And, sometimes what you’re trying to say – or extract/muse/reveal/discover in yourself – is going to come through and be shown to you during the experience of creating.

I often feel like I’m sitting in front of a mirror when I paint. On one level, what I paint is a symbolic language revealing my inner world to my conscious mind. On another level, what’s happening in me while I paint (i.e. “the voices” and the emotions that stir up) shows me another level. The more I pay attention and allow it all to be there and infuse my creative expression, the more of an illuminating spiritual practice it becomes. And, it’s fun.

A few days ago when I was warming up to paint, I was drawn to paint a woman. The same thing happened the next day. When it happened for the third day in a row yesterday I got inspired and decided I’d do 1 60-90 minute painting of a woman for 30 days. They’re on 18×24 watercolor paper and they’re already teaching me a lot, as well as filling my space with beauty.

If you’d like to see their evolution, I’ll be posting them daily on both my Facebook page and my Robin Clark Gallery page. Please join me in both and/or either place! And, when they’re done a month from now, I’ll share them and what I learned through them here.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. -Picasso

Viva la creative revolution!!

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