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Fab Find Friday 3.30.12: Divine Feminine

This week’s fab finds are dedications celebrating the Divine Feminine!

1. You are beautiful!

I love this image! It was published in Glamour in 2009 and inspired legions of women into fits of delight because she actually looks like a real person – gloriously beautiful, radiant, and CURVY with stretch marks. Can you be-leeve that our culture’s insane standard of beauty has millions of women who look like this thinking they’re fat/unattractive/unloveable!? I think it’s time to throw off the small range of what we’ve been told is beautiful to include folds, wrinkles, lines, age, thinness, and curves – don’t you?

2. Beautiful paintings of women: Susan Seddon Boulet, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Autumn Skye

Susan Seddon Boulet – Her art makes me pause it’s so beautiful. I’ve spent hours looking at it, absorbed in her images as well as her gorgeous technique. I’ve looked around online but can’t find one site that shows her work well so this is what I came up with. She also has art books, which I highly recommend getting. Two I have, and love, are: The Goddess Paintings and Shaman.

Shiloh Sophia McCloud – I spotted Shiloh’s work in We’Moon years ago and have been following her since. Her work is gloriously beautiful, imho – free, spontaneous, wildly colorful. And she is a radiant source of creative inspiration.

Autumn Skye – I came across Autumn’s work in the past couple of years and its depth and soulfulness really caught my eye.

3. Book: Aphrodite’s Daughters: Women’s Sexual Stories and the Journey of the Soul by Jalaja Bonheim

Like the books I posted last week, this is another one on my shelf that spends most of its life at other people’s houses. It’s a collection of stories from women who are mostly 50 and older speaking about the opening of their spirituality and sexuality over the course of their lives. Personally, I think we need talk more about sexuality in a transparent and authentic way. Secrecy is the breeding ground for shame and insecurity, which leads people to compare their own experiences with what they see in the media, or what they imagine other people are experiencing… neither of which have anything to do with reality. That said, Aphrodite’s Daughter’s is a refreshing breath of fresh air in how genuinely transparent the women are in sharing their experiences, and an expansive possibility-inducing reality check on how immensely varied people’s sexual and spiritual awakening paths are.

4. Video: Maya Angelou

I love her, and what a voice! I was especially drawn to share this video this week because she´s such a celebration of wisdom and creativity, as well as continuing to delight in life in her 80s! Maya Angelou is an extraordinary, wise, and captivating woman. In this 42 minute video, Maya speaks about her life, what she’s learned, how she’s grown, and how she’s still enjoying, creating, and living in her 80s.

5. Movie: I AM… it’s all about cooperation and love

Within 2 minutes of turning on this movie I was so hooked I could barely put it on pause to get a snack. It’s made by Tom Shadyac, who was the director of Ace Ventura, among many other comedies. I won’t spoil one second of the fascinatingly entertaining story he shares in this movie but suffice to say it’s powerful, positive, and thought provoking in the best sort of way. So, yes, this is made by a man but to me, a film focused on helping us wake up to our true nature – that of loving and cooperative beings – is the ultimate in honoring the divine feminine. Available on Netflix.

Happy Spring + Happy Friday, Lovely People!