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Fab Find Friday – 3.23.12 – Self Confidence, Gypsy Soul, & the Best Astrology Book Ever

Here’s this week’s installment of goodies!

1. The Art of Self Confidence on Rock n Roll Bride’s Blog. Fabulous!

2. Video: My Friend Maia

This 4 minute video is of Maia, a 95 year old Russian ballet dancer who is resolutely independent, healthy and as fit as a forty year old.  She is the epitome of graceful living. So inspiring!

3. Big Sky by Gypsy Soul

I adore them. His guitar playing is fantastic, her voice is HEAVENLY, and their chemistry is super sweet. I often listen to their YouTube playlist while I’m painting. Here’s one of my favorites.

4. Books: The Power of TED + Astrology for the Soul

Want to feel powerful in your life and clear on your purpose here? Then these two gems are for you.

The Power of TED (The Empowerment Dynamic) goes over the Drama/Victim Triangle which we’ve all been conditioned to be in, unless we wake up to it and consciously choose to shift into our roles as Creators in our lives… which it discusses how to do. An easy read that makes it crystal clear how victim orientation works and how to leave that and enter the world of creator.

Astrology for the Soul goes over your North Node. What’s that, you say? It’s the thing you’re here to learn in this life that you don’t yet know how to do. What you do know how to do is your South Node – but that’s an approach you need to release to learn the new to you approach of the North Node. I’ve heard people describe the North Node as the main arc in your life’s story and all the rest of your astrological influences fall around it. If I could buy a copy for every person I meet, I would. Every time someone’s over and they open it up, they’re lost into it for about an hour and then ask to take it home with them. If you want to feel clearer on your objective here and break free from old, familiar, yet limiting habits – get this book.

5. Pinterest sayings

Oh Pinterest, what an entertaining world you are! If you’ve not put your foot into that world, brace yourself for serious entertainment – the kind that can even upstage Facebook.

Happy Friday bright lights!

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