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11 Simple Things You Can Do to Feel a LOT Better Now

It’s Spring and it’s becoming more and more beautiful outside. The energy to extend outdoors is growing by the minute inspiring each of us to throw off any stagnation that we may have built up over the winter and become lighter, brighter, and more vibrant.

Here are 11 simple things you can do to start feeling a LOT better now!

1. Start your morning with a warm glass of lemon water

Squeeze a quarter of a lemon (or more, depending on your taste) into a mug and fill it with warm water… but not so hot that you kill the lemon. Lemons are highly alkalinizing, which is a great thing to bring into your system when so much of our American diet is so acidifying. This seems incredibly simple but when I do this on a regular basis, I feel SO much better!

2. Vitamineral Green + Probiotics

While I’m standing in the kitchen waiting for the hot water for lemon water to heat, I drink a large glass of water with Vitamineral Green and take a probiotic. So, really, this is the absolute first thing and the lemon water follows.

Vitamineral Green is one of the best green superfood powders I’ve found and probiotics are great for your digestion.

3. Drink more water

#1 and #2 imply this, but since it’s so easy and it makes such a difference, it deserves its own slot in this boost-your-energy-list. I haul water with me everywhere I go and I keep a water glass on top of the water cooler in my kitchen and every time I go in there I drink a glass. Get sick of it’s flavorless-ness? Put lemon in it or get a gallon of water and put 1 drop of peppermint eo in it to perk it up.

4. Take a break from your secret clogging vice and eat more vegetables

Last week I ate goat cheese a few meals in a row and after two days of that, I woke up in the middle of the night crazily congested. Am I giving up goat cheese? No way. But I will take a break and be more deliberate when I eat it.

People’s main clogging vices are: sugar, caffeine, wheat, dairy, alcohol, and processed foods. As you read that last sentence, I bet you got a hit as to which one your body would be oh so grateful if you’d take a break from it. Even just tone down a bit. It may be an adjustment the first day or two but you’ll feel lighter for doing it. And what are you going to eat instead? More vegetables!

5. Stretch

The older we get, the tighter and more kinked up we get… which is really no fun. Prevention is the best medicine. Plus stretching, even 5 minutes of it, feels great!

6. Go for a walk or a bike ride

Gyms and yoga classes are great but, to me, there’s nothing quite as good as being outside, moving about in the fresh air. This is especially true if I only have 30 minutes to get out between other things I have going on. It’s simple, free, and all you need is a pair of sneakers and/or a bike.

And, it you want to take this to the next level and aren’t afraid to be “that person” who works out in front of others, you can strap on some ankle weights and carry 3 lb. weights in your hands and get your sweat on. I do this often and have a lot of interesting conversations with folks around the neighborhood while I’m throwing punches and doing lunges as I walk down the street!

7. Shut off the computer by 7 or 8, have a quiet night, and get into bed by 10

When’s the last time you were in bed by 10 for 3 consecutive nights? The last time you went on vacation?? My friend Laura Enfield who’s a Naturopath says that every hour of sleep you get before 12 counts for 2 that you’d get after 12. Doing this once and awhile is great, but how amazing might you feel if you did this for a few nights in a row? Just imagine your 7 a.m. alarm clock going off and waking up feeling fully refreshed. Caffeine will never make up for the kind of deep energy having great sleep will give you.

8. Clean out your stuff + clean your house

Somewhere I read a story of a woman who was a psychotherapist who received a crisis call from another one of her clients while in the middle of a session saying he was going to commit suicide. She told him that she couldn’t talk to him right that moment but for him to go find a messy drawer in his house and clean it out and she’d call him back when her session was done. And you know what… he did it!

There’s something profoundly focusing and peace-invoking about cleaning up your stuff. I recently had a friend move in with me and it led me to go through EVERYTHING and while it was a bit tedious, it felt SO GOOD when it was done. Order, space, fresh energy, tranquility. Very uplifting. George Carlin, imho, did a very funny and telling skit on the topic of stuff so if you like his brand of humor, you can watch that here.

Once you’re done clearing out your stuff (of while you’re doing it) clean your house. When was the last time you moved your bed, sofa, book shelf, or refrigerator out from the wall and really got in there? Cleaned your windows, dusted the floor boards, cleaned the walls of your shower? Again, a semi-tedious task but I swear you’ll feel like a new person when it’s done and you can admire your handiwork and the overall raised energy in your home.

9. Plants

(I found this picture on Pinterest and it’s inspiring a plant revolution in my house!)

If you’re blessed and have a garden, get your hands in the dirt and plant some plants. If you don’t, get some plants for your house. Orchids on your tables, little potted plants on your shelves, a hanging plant from the ceiling or on the top of a book shelf cascading down. Greenery is uplifting for us on so many levels! People seem to always be getting rid of plants at yard sales and a trip to your local nursery can be really inspiring. And, if you’re a black thumb, consider getting succulents or pythos – I can attest that they are both very tolerant to being neglected.

10. Dress up, enjoy your beauty, celebrate yourself!!

I don’t know if this is effective for men, I suspect it might be, but I know for certain from years of chatting with women that dressing up and enjoying and celebrating your beauty is majorly boosting! And not just on Saturday night, but all the time. My favorites the past couple of years have been glitter eyeliner, skinny jeans, platform shoes, and big earrings but jewelry, scarves, makeup, fishnets, sun dresses, cowboy boots, and whatever else is all good!

We only have these bodies, at this age, at this time once so let’s ENJOY it right now, as we are! My theory is that celebrating your beauty is a way of honoring this gift of life we’re given, and a way of seeing and honoring yourself… which is why it feels so good. Plus, it’s FUN!!

If your mind says “I’m not beautiful” or “where I live people don’t do that” my response is: that’s a big fat like your mind is telling you because everyone is beautiful. I walk down the street and notice something beautiful about each person I pass. And, if you live in a town where folks are more sporty or on the down-low, that’s ok, you’re still free to BE YOU. I mean, the rose doesn’t ask for permission to bloom.

11. Laugh

We take ourselves so seriously, plodding through our days with heavy footsteps, thinking serious thoughts, chained to our to-do lists. It’s great to be a responsible human being but feeling ALIVE, not heavy and burdened, is the way to go… and there’s hardly better medicine for this than laughing. Friends are great for this but sometimes we’re alone so if you need some inspiration, luckily you need go no further than YouTube where there are an infinite number of choices. Everyone’s sense of humor is different but some of the things I watch when I need a laughing fix are Bill Cosby, old SNL, Flight of the Concords, Eddie Murphy, Hi I’m Rawn, Frasier, Seinfeld, Simon’s Cat, and Louis CK.

Love to you bright lights! May you bloom like the Spring-time flowers you are!!

Caitlin -

Robin thanks for sharing these simple springy steps to feeling better now! Its funny you included the George Carlin clip that I’ve always loved, and shared on many occasions. Happy Spring to you, Beauty!! LOVE xoxoxo

Robin -

Thanks Robin, Really good, really simple steps.

Robin Clark -

You´re so welcome. People love or really don´t like George Carlin – regardless though, it IS amusing how much stuff we have and try to manage! So glad you enjoyed!!! xoxo

Robin Clark -

You´re welcome Robin! 🙂