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The Magic Formula + The Show Up For Your Life Experiment

When I’m interested in something I become a master researcher. I want to know all about it. I troll the internet, research people who have and are doing what I’m interested in, learn their stories and map their successes and challenges. I read their blogs and books and learn what experience has given them to share. I find the information inspiring, like a bolstering catalytic force that strengthens my YES and helps me move forward feeling encouraged and connected to a pool of similarly inspired people.

This past year I got interested in people who are successful in their particular area of focus.

For example, what’s a painter who makes $200,000+/year doing that’s different than one who makes $40,000? Especially if they more or less spend the same amount of time painting.

Although I focused on people who do all sorts of things (painting, music, counseling, writing, photography), and by NO MEANS consider one’s income to be the only measure of success, I found the same thing across the board. There was 1 magic formula everyone I learned about did and a few other things I found that were pretty darn similar.

The magic formula is so simple it’s like duh, I knew that already but clearly we don’t all know this otherwise there’d be more ROCKING IT and less HOW DO I MAKE THIS WORK? in people’s lives. It boils down to this:

You have to fully and consistently
show up for what you’re doing.

You don’t have to slave 7 days a week. Nobody I learned about did that. In fact, from what I could find, every single one of them has a consistent schedule they keep to and really show up for, and with the exception of a few type-A folks, this schedule looks like WORK when you’re set to work and DO WHATEVER (except keep working) when you’re set to personal time. And, deep breath for you night owls, the majority of people’s schedules began at 6:30 or 7 in the morning, many of whom use this morning time for art and get to business around 10ish.

What would it be like if you whole-heartedly SHOWED UP for your life?

What if you gathered all the energy you spend in doubt, questioning, confusion, or disorganization and harnessed it into engaged creation and action? Imagine how rocking your business, creativity, relationships, etc. could be if you really showed up for them. It’s potentially like you could walk into a whole different life!

When I was in Hawaii last month my honey and I, both artsy entrepreneurs, got to talking about the obviousness and simplicity of the magic formula and decided to create an experiment we’re doing now through Summer Solstice called The Show Up Experiment. Perhaps you’d care to join us?

The experiment is this: We’ve each set a certain weekly work schedule for ourselves that’s considerably more than what we’ve each been doing but that’s still totally realistic. During “work hours” we’re only going to work on the 1-2 main dishes in our creative-business lives and everything else will happen outside of those hours.

Simple. Clear. Easy. Do-able. And way more organized and efficient than trying to cover every base every day… which we all know is a form of sabotage as it leads to everything being done half-assed and you feeling frazzled and exhausted.

I’m super excited about this experiment and what fantastic possibilities will come of it so I thought I’d share it with you because maybe some part of your life is calling for a Show Up Experiment as well??

We needed strengthening with creativity and business. But maybe your life needs attention with health or relationships or __? Whatever it is, I can say with certainty from my semi-obsessive researching of the past year, that IF you have an area like this, you’re RIPE for a Show Up Experiment and NOW’S a great time to create one and step into it.