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If You Can Visualize It You Can Build It


I’m on the Big Island right now in the middle of a 3-week vacation… a treat I don’t think I’ve had since the 90s when Phish was delicious enough for me to leave my digs for this extended of a time. I’m glad I had solid, road trip fun in the 90’s but going over a decade without a decently long vacation is CRAZY, especially when I soooo enjoy cultures, like Spain or Italy, that truly enjoy life and take time off to revel in it and play… like get 4+ weeks off a year in addition to the entire country taking 5 weeks off in the summer. That’s living, right?

This past week I’ve been in Volcano with my honey, who’s building a cabin here. He hasn’t built a home before and now that he’s got the foundation and platform up, he’s run into a design roadblock because there are SO many options of what he could build and his mind is swimming with possibilities.

So a few days ago we walked down the road and met up with a man named Kenneth who’s a master carpenter. On the particular road we went to, Kenneth’s building or completely remodeling several cabins and homes and they are GORGEOUS. The difference in the design and energy of the places he’s built from what is typically built is like night and day. So, naturally I was curious about him and once we had completed our house design discussion, I started asking him about himself and how he learned carpentry so well. He said a lot, but the big take away, like ding-ding-ding are you listening? Life is speaking to you!!, was this:

If you can visualize it you can build it. Building is just one board at a time. If you can see it ahead of time, then you more or less know what to get and you can pull boards out of a pile, put them up, and the vision happens. Of course you’re going to make changes along the way, but if the main vision is there first, the changes will be fine.

I don’t know about you, but I’m OVER tiring myself out with trying to move things forward before I’m clear and/or when they’re not flowing. I’m not promoting dragging one’s feet, but running around being busy just to feel like you’re doing something before you’ve officially sat your arse DOWN to get clear seems like the continuation of some horrible game we had to play in school or at jobs with type-A bosses where the whole game was to “look busy” instead of “be present and purposeful”. Blah!

Clearly this is one of Mercury’s messages to me right now as it was honey to my creative ears, and if you’re reading this perhaps it is to you too. So let’s all sloooow down a bit and take the time and have the focus to create and land our visions. When that’s in place, creation flows… and as we all know, creative flow RAWKS!