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Hi, I’m Robin – a Holistic Life Coach & Portrait Photographer for women in the Bay Area.

Please contact me to book a coaching session or photo shoot. New work on the blog


“The core thing your coaching offers me is: “YOU KNOW.” We're often so caught up in our story and fear that we feel confused, stuck, unable to make a decision, or move forward. Your coaching is about the awareness that I REALLY DO KNOW. Working with you has been a tool to accessing my knowing and dismantling my story and fear.”


“Robin encouraged me to love and celebrate myself in a way that I don’t think I’ve done in front of another woman. That in and of itself was healing, to be celebrated instead of compared to. My experience and images are proof you can love yourself and your body.”


“When I received the photos from Robin I sat jaw dropped in front of the computer. I was in complete disbelief that the immense beauty, radiance and softness I was looking at was me. Feelings of elation, joy, love and peace spread throughout my body. It was a truly transformational moment where the “story” of me was re-written.”